About Us

About us

Prime LED Lighting is where science and service meet to optimize light solutions for life. With our collective experience in this industry, our access to cutting-edge research, and our passion for engineering and customizing the perfect LED lighting system for any environment; we can provide the optimal solution for your business.
Prime LED is on the cutting edge of innovation and technology to keep our partners, like you, on the profitable side of business. Our lighting and safety solutions allow you to increase your productivity with ease and efficiency. Along with our innovation and technology, Prime LED gives you the service you just can’t get anywhere else. With a dedicated Sales Team and Technical Specialists to serve every industry’s needs, Prime LED can give you the commitment to quality no matter where you are located.

Next-gen lighting means next-level safety

Prime LED has a focus on creating the next generation of LED lighting and safety solutions. Prime LED strives to improve upon every innovation to keep you safe on the road, in the field, in the quarry, or wherever you need to light your way. It is our commitment to put our lighting solutions through the most rigorous testing to surpass the industry required safety standards. Prime LED have made it their passion to make the next generation of technology exceed the next level of safety for our customers and partners.

That’s the mission of Prime LED Lighting, a company with unparalleled expertise in new generation LED technology and in life sciences.

We are concentrating on serving customers in UAE and GCC. Our main products are commercial, decorative and industrial LED lighting. We are among the industry’s leading designers and suppliers of energy-efficient lighting systems for commercial, office, retail and educational applications. We are capable of offering professional lighting design for the lighting solution.
We are committed to excellence by building a strong reputation as a leader in value, quality, customer service and innovation.

We translate your thoughts into stunning lighting designs
to help you visualize your project.
If you need help with your lighting project, please contact us or talk to our experts.